hello friends!

hello guys and gals! i did not fall off the surface of the earth haha. i’m still here but i decided to take a break from blogging. i used to enjoy making posts and always had ideas, but recently i have been so busy with the summer and school will be starting soon so i haven’t had time to think about blogging. i hope to pick up blogging again once school starts (maybe sometime around the holidays) a ton is happening in my life right now and i hope you understand the need for this break! also, i haven’t been keeping up with my blogging pals posts, but it’s not because i don’t care! i really need to catch up on all my blogging pal’s posts so if you get spammed with notifications you  know why 🙂

thanks for understanding! i will catch ya later!




april music – vibey songs from me to you

hey, hey!! i’m making another post *wow* i’m in a blogging mood, what can i say? *you’re welcome* so, i really wanted to make a new an updated playlist for april and maybe make it into a series (maybe every month? idk… what do ya’ll think?) so let’s get started with this playlist:

sucker – the jonas brother

never not – lauv

trust my lonely – alessia cara

when the party’s over – billie eilish

look up child – lauren daigle

can’t help falling in love – haley reinhart

nervous – shawn mendes

make you feel my love – adele

dancing with a stranger – sam smith and normani

i’m so tired… – lauv and troye sivan

oceans – united

so will i – united

maybe it’s ok – we are messengers

control – tenth avenue north

who you say i am – hillsong worship

god only knows – for king and country

amen – for king and country

burn the ships – for king and country

pioneers – for king and country


that’s it for today! it was very short and sweet but fun and i hope you enjoyed 😉



QOTD:  what’s your favorite song?

AOTD: just read 😛

spring break: california dreaming

hey hey! i’m back and i am very excited for today’s post! i recently went to california for spring break and it was FABULOUS! it was so warm and i loved it! we had some amazing food, saw some amazing things, and relaxed! i’m going to attach some photos throughout this post and sometimes they might seem irrelevant but i did take them in california 😉

first let’s start with food! i had such amazing food! i got to try my first acaí bowl and it was so weird because it wasn’t a traditional acaí bowl. but don’t get me wrong! it was really good! i went through four spoons when i was eating it… let’s just say it was some hard acaí and some flimsy spoons… that does not mix well…. i also had some of the most delicious avocado toast i’ve ever had! i used to haaaaaaate avocados but now i have to say they are kind of my new obsession! they are amazing!!!!! i also had a chai latte with oat milk alongside my toast, and it was fabulous!!


that is my chai latte above

i also had in-n-out for the first time, and it was good! it was kind of like Five Guys Burgers and Fries and McDonald’s had a baby… all the rest of the food we had wasn’t very interesting so i won’t bore you with that…


that’s my in-n-out burger + fries above…


i saw the walk of fame and the hollywood sign the first day i was there (OMGOODNESS i was looking at instagram and saw that maddie and kenzie ziegler were there with cameron field the day after i went!!!!!!!) we also went to the beach for a whole day, (i got a tan and it went away right when i got home, sadly) and i was at the nicest pool everrrrrr for like four days straight at my hotel.




if you want to see more pics like these (they’re all mine) than follow my vsco and i’ll follow you back. comment yours down below; mine is  ellagrace0505 and i also have it at the bottom of my blog page *if you scroll way down to all my socials*

thanks for listen to todays random post…. i already have two more that i am working on and i am very *very* excited for one of them… i’m only very excited for the other one, though! lol,

thanks for listening!

ella *i couldn’t get my name thingy to load so this will have to do for today!*


why i think brandy melville is making girls self conscious

hey hey everyone! so, normally my posts are really basic and simple, but today i am going to write about something a little different. i’m going to be telling you about why i think brandy melville is seclusive from girls of different shapes and sizes and why it is causing girls to be self conscious and have eating disorders. i’m not saying every girl at shops at brandy melville is going to be self conscious or start an eating disorder, but i can see how that can affect someone. ok, don’t get me wrong, i love brandy melville and their clothes are very cute, but i think you need to hear me out. i recently went to brandy melville and wanted to make a big purchase. i normally just get hoodies or t-shirts from there, which tend to run a bit oversized. first let me tell you that i am not overweight at all, but i am not a double zero. i run size small to x-small (depending on store or brand) and am 4′ 11″ so i actually run smaller. i went in to get some of their cargo pants and was terribly disappointed when i saw the size of the waist. i have to say that the waist looked (no joke) like a size triple zero to double zero. i think this is sad that they can’t accommodate girls who aren’t teeny tiny and don’t fit the standard of “small.” this is sad as this will make girls look as themselves as fat, ugly, and not worthy. this can cause eating disorders and make girls extremely self conscious. i think it’s also sad that some of their hoodies, t-shirts, and long sleeves are big on me, but their dresses, skirts, and pants are extremely small. their sizes are inconsistent. the models on their online store are tall and extremely skinny, which makes girls think they are only “pretty” if they are tall and skinny (and no, i’m not tall at all) let me make this clear: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL NO MATTER WHAT SIZE YOU ARE.

a size does not define your inner beauty and your happiness. i know how good it can feel to feel “pretty” in an outfit or piece of clothing, but it does not define you. i absolutely appreciate forever 21 for having so many sizes for all. if you are small enough to fit in brandy’s clothes, then i am happy for you, and go ahead and wear their clothes. they are very cute and “trendy” which does make girls want them. i do own a few things that fit me from there, but you don’t have to fit in their clothes or be small or to be beautiful.

thank you for listening to my opinion. everyone has different opinions and i understand if you like shopping at brandy melville.

bye for now!


february mood board + playlist

hey, hey! i have been stuck for ideas on what to blog about so i thought i’d take some inspiration from other bloggers! this post was inspired by ella because she recently did one of these. i loved hers and wanted to try it!

mood board



  • come out and play – billie eilish
  • lovely – billie eilish and khalid
  • so will i – united
  • never not – lauv
  • cant help falling in love – haley reinhart / elvis presley
  • look up child – lauren daigle
  • even if – mercy me
  • known – tauren wells
  • when the party’s over – billie eilish
  • perfect – ed sheeran
  • la di da – lennon stella
  • let me down slowly – alec benjamin
  • thinking out loud – ed sheeran
  • how he loves – david crowder band
  • control – tenth avenue north


that’s it for today’s post! it was kinda short and sweet but i hope you liked it! bye for now,



qotd: what is your favorite song atm?

aotd: i have no idea aha

the blogger recognition award

hey, hey! recently i was nominated for the blogger recognition award by the beautiful alexandrina from elysian haze. she is so sweet and i am so glad we became blogging friends! now let’s get going,


Write a post about your award
Thank whoever nominated & include a link to their blog
Give a brief story of how your blog began
Share some advice for new bloggers
Nominate 10 other bloggers & let them know

thank you: 

alexandrina, thank you for nominating me! it means so much and i’m excited to make this 🙂 thank you for supporting my blog and doing a collab with me! you are a great blogging friend and i absolutely love your blog (especially your new update)

how my blog began: 

so i actually changed my blog name from over the rainbow to ella rae (irrelevant but i thought you should know). i made this blog when i was 9 or 10 (yes, i have been blogging that long!) and it was very random. i never thought i would get many followers, although i hoped i would. if you really want to stalk and scroll back way far and see some weird posts i made, then go ahead. i took a long break for about 6 months until one day i got a follow from my very first blogging friend, ella, and i got so excited i had to start blogging again. i started to actually care about what my posts were about and and my blog layout. so i guess you can say she was kind of my inspiration! i’m so glad i continued blogging because i have made so many friends who support my blog and make me want to keep going! if you want to be my friend, comment down below and i will check out your blog too! (wow, that was quite a mouthful, aha, sorry!)

my advice:

my advice for new bloggers (or even bloggers who are going through writers block) is don’t give up. yes, cheesy, but seriously! don’t worry about how many followers you have, and definitely don’t compare your blog to other blogs. i had 10 followers for about 2 years until i started getting more and now i’m about to hit 100 any day now! have fun, and customize your blog as you like it, and write about stuff you want to write about, not what is popular.

i nominate: 

  • ella (so pretty)
  • raffaella (so sweet)
  • ella ( my inspo, and absolutely such an aesthetic, i wish i was so cool when i was her age)
  • amanda (my friend always!)
  • josiah (such a meme)
  • ava (her blog has such an amazing yellow aesthetic)
  • ashlyn (i recently became blogging friends with ashlyn and her blog is the cutest!)
  • brooke (her blog is so, so cool!)
  • maria (so cute!)
  • clara (i absolutely love her blog and the setup is so cool!)

i hope you all enjoyed this post. if i nominated you, don’t forget to make a post about it! bye for now,


hey, hey

heyo! ok, so i have been re-doing my blog and making a new logo! i’m really happy with how it looks. i wasn’t super happy with how it looked before and needed a change. i got the logo idea from rafella who redid her blog recently and i love, love, love it! a new real post is coming soon (a blogger recognition post) so i hope you like it! xx,


january favs + hello february

heyo! i’m back with another post and i’m very excited about it! i got the inspiration from raf (who sadly deleted her blog, but i hope she starts back up soon) and ella.

i can’t wait to show you a few of my favorite things that i’ve been loving this january, so lets go…



i’ve heard a lot of good things about these, and really want one for my birthday. i either want the yellow or white!

brandy melville


if you’ve been following my blog for a bit, you probably know i looooove brandy. it’s absolutely my fave brand and so, so cute!




i think glossier is really popular right now in general, but it is absolutely my fave makeup brand! the natural look is amazing and everything is so cute!

scrunchies and hair scarves


scrunchies are my absolute fave thing, and i’ve recently been wanting some hair scarves (they are so, so cute!) and i hope to get some soon!


i hope you liked this post! i know it’s a little early but i was so excited, and can’t wait for my next post.

i’ve been feeling like my posts are kind of repetitive so if you have any ideas for posts you would like to see from me comment them down below!

bye for now!


collage 2018-04-19 21_23_251719220225..jpg




my inspo for 2019 + collab with alexandrina!

heyo! i’m super duper excited for this post!! i have been planning for this for a while and can’t wait to show you guys! today i have a collab with the beautiful alexandrina, from elysian haze! i will be showing ya’ll my inspo for 2019 and what look/aesthetic i’m going for. ok, ok, i’m too exited to keep talking so let’s just get started;



for my room inspo i am really going for a very rainforesty feel with lots of green aand yellows. definitely basing it off of marla catherine’s room. loads of vines, records, and polaroid pictures.



this is def one of my favorites because i am learning to play the uke and got a record player. i love retro feels so the record player is very me ❤ i also have been loving these uke paintings and have been looking for a used uke to paint on.




i’ve really been loving brandy melville recently as it is 90’s style mixed with now so it’s all up my ally. mom jeans and graphic tee’s, doc martin’s and vans, you get the picture.



i love glossier makeup right now because it’s all for the no makeup makeup look. it’s sometimes hard being a girl with makeup and feeling like you have to cake it on. when i first started wearing makeup i would wear a full face everyday, which was waaaay over board. lol i was 12 ok. for this spring and summer i really want blonde added into my hair for that beachy vibe. it is so cute and absolutely gorgeous. as for nails, i don’t paint them that often but i saw these acrylics and fell in love.



ok, so i know this sounds bad, lol, i’m not saying my inspo is to just drop my friends and find new ones. this is just my inspo for cute pictures to take with my friends and fun things to do with them.



last but certainly not least, my overall aesthetic. i’m really loving yellow and waves as you can tell. it’s hard for me to describe my aesthetic but you can figure it out somewhat by looking at all the images in the post!

i hope you enjoyed this post! it was a lot of fun and don’t forget to check out alexandrina’s post here

bye for now,


collage 2018-04-19 21_23_251719220225..jpg